By: Eileen Sheehan
Series: Shadow Love, Book 1
Length: 6 hrs and 22 mins
Release date: 04-30-19
Language: English
Publisher: Earth Wise Books, Eileen Sheehan
She has a lot to learn about the world of shadow walkers, including the perils they face.

It isn't until 19-year-old Alison Colby, inherits an old family estate house that she discovers the secret that her parents kept from her. Not only is she a shadow walker, but she is of royal lineage and is expected to assume the throne soon.

Fortunately, Nick Jackson is willing to teach her all she needs to know, since he just so happens to be a shadow walker himself..and he is in love with her. Unfortunately, so is his competitive cousin, Martin...and when it comes to a contest of women, Martin always wins.

Shadow Love Book One begins a gripping, sexy, and exciting story that continues in Shadow Love Book Two!